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Your daily regimen for a natural & healthy skin
A unique skin enhancing and rejuvenating program.

Your daily RégimA regimen exists out of four logical steps for both mornings and evenings.


Always start your RégimA regimen with water and Derma Zest cleanse and tone gel which provides a cleansing, clarifying and skin toning effect without drying out the skin. It also neutralizes the effects of our night preparations.


Next we put special emphasis on the eyes. RégimA offers 2 eye products tailored to specific needs. Eye Opener Serum which has been created for use over the whole eye area, particularly beneficial for crepey upper eye lids. Besides, New Expression 365 focuses on the under eye area; targeting and reducing crow’s feet in density and depth.


Moving along RégimA offers you with its treatment range the choice to target a specific skin concerns such as optimal anti aging, scar repair, pigmentation, acne, calming redness and so forth. These products feature thin formulas that absorb in the most efficient way and deliver the active ingredients deep into the pores.


As final step in your morning regimen, RégimA offers 4 day products tailored to 4 specific skin types. There is our Sensorial Daily Protector designed for all skin types, Daily Intelligent Sebum Solver for oily and/or problem skin, Daily Radiant Boost for Combination skin and Daily Ultra Defense for mature and/or dry skin. All our day products benefit from SPF 25 protection towards UVA and UVB radiation, well tested and approved under harsh conditions of the South African sun.

As final step in your evening regimen, RégimA offers 2 night products; either Age Reversal with ultimate overnight moisturizing effects to reduce signs of ageing; or Omega High Impact with fruit acids stimulating peptides promoting healthy collagen synthesis.

Your Regimen