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Sensorial Daily Protector
all / normal skin

A light, sensorially superior emulsion provides protection from the harsh ageing effects of the sun. Plant complexes provide intelligent skin care and, when combined with a moisturising form of Vitamin C, also helps protect against photo-ageing. Effective cell, DNA and stem cell protection, particularly during solar exposure. Regeneration of UV related damage. Helps reduce skin redness, calming. Promotes a more healthy looking glowing skin.
Liposomes deliver a ßeta-Endorphin Stimulating Complex, a new technology ingredient with unique action, producing a sense of wellbeing on application, leaving the skin feeling smoothed, firmer, refreshed, moisturised with improved radiance. Promotes skin regeneration and anti-wrinkle activity.


Sensorial Daily Protector
15 ML / 50 ML
pH of product:
Aimed actions & results
  • SPF 25 – broad spectrum UVA+UVB
  • Protection against & Repair of Uv-induced Sun Damage
  • Sustained Moisturisation
  • Assists with Skin Regeneration
  • Reduces Redness
Desired side effects
  • Anti-ageing
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Skin Smoothing, Firming
  • Improved Skin Radiance
Directions for use

AM: Cleanse with RégimA cleanser. Apply RégimA eye products and serums. Apply Daily Intelligent Sebum-Solver to face and neck, as one would a daytime moisturizer, avoiding eye area. Allow a minute prior to applying make-up. When exposed to extreme sunshine reapply as necessary. Use in conjunction with other RégimA Zone home care.