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Laser Azu Repair
post laser treatment

All   of   the   ingredients   in   this formulation have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, healing and super moisturising properties. Each ingredient exhibits its own level of action in each of these categories.
The additional properties of each of these actives lend further benefits with respect to increasing the product’s wound healing capability. Each ingredient is particularly imbued with high levels of essential vitamins, phytosterols or anti-oxidants, each providing their own significant contribution to the skin’s wellbeing, and assisting the skin’s own mechanisms of healing and repair.
This product has been formulated to be a non-greasy, but thicker consistency gel, to ensure perfect coverage of the treated area, and allowing the actives to absorb easily into the skin.


Laser Azu Repair
15 ML / 100 ML
pH of product:
no pH
Aimed actions & results
  • Repairing, soothing
  • Anti-inflammatory – Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-crusting
Desired side effects
  • Multi-functional (nappy rash, cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis)
Directions for use

POST PEEL: On the evening following a RégimA Peel apply to treated area as desired, especially if there is visible peeling. This may be used in combination with RégimA Scar Repair. Continue for a couple of nights following the peel, or until any peeling has ceased. Helps prevent scabbing and promotes more rapid healing.

POST LASER / DERMABRASION: Following laser or dermabrasion, apply as directed by a doctor or skin care professional. Continue use until all laser or dermabrasion skin debris has cleared and skin is free of any peeling or crusting. (Do not pick or pull off any skin, it will slough off when ready). Follow with RégimA post-therapy home care.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This product can also be used on any injuries where there may be scabbing, crusting, or burns . It is safe to use on new babies for nappy rash and cradle cap. It has been found to be helpful in certain people suffering from eczema.