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Derma Zest
Cleanser and toner all-in-1

An abundance of renowned healing plants work synergistically creating this exceptional, advanced formulation. A fresh, low foam, soap free, cleansing and naturally toning gel applies a film of activity on the skin having a natural skin toning effect, helping with excess oil production, tightening the pores. Low foam formulation ensures the active ingredients keep contact with the skin and are not lost in the bubbles.

Derma Zest
15ml / 50ml
Mature / dehydrated skin
pH of product:
Aimed actions & results
  • Deep cleansing
  • Natural toner/astringent (plants)
  • Enhances absorption of RégimA actives
  • Neutralizes natural fruity acids
Desired side effects
  • Helps regulate sebaceous secretions
  • Pore tightening
  • Anti-bacterial, combating and protecting against skin flora
  • Soothing, calming
  • Essential fatty acids protect and nourish
  • Firming, restoring elasticity
  • Smoothes skin surface
Directions for use

Am and pm wet hands, face and neck and using a small amount of cleanser, massage gently for one minute, avoiding the eye area if sensitive. Rinse off thoroughly (Do not apply a separate toner). To be used in conjunction with other RégimA Zone products.