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Acné Attack
acné rescue serum

A fast acting Masque designed to SAFELY help unblock congested, problematic and acneform skins. 
Salicylic Acid BHA (30%) in high percentage, coupled with Lactic Acid AHA (12%) are a perfect powerful combination for helping eliminate active acne, and level acne scarring. Lactic acid is smoothing and rejuvenating whilst being known to have impact on hyperpigmentation. 
Selected botanicals, including Watercress, Burdock, Sage, Lemon, Ivy, Soapwort, work synergistically providing particular benefits for oily problem or inflamed skins, sebo-regulating, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, accelerates healing, calms, sooths, has a 'natural antibiotic' effect.  


Acné Attack
50 ML
pH of product:
Aimed actions & results
  • Natural unadulterated (unbuffered) Hydroxy Acid action
  • Youth and adult acne, blackheads, whiteheads
  • Beta HA – unplugs blocked pores
  • Alpha HA– exfoliates and improves texture
  • Attacks pimples and pustules without cross infection
  • Anti-bacterial, antiseptic
  • Anti-pigmentation (acne related risk)
  • Scar prevention
Desired side effects
  • Minimal down-time
  • Instant radiance
  • Skin smoothing and firming
  • Anti-inflammatory - Anti-oxidant - Anti-ageing
  • Also beneficial for ageing skins, sun damage, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, eczema, psoriasis
Directions for use

-    Cleanse face and neck with RégimA. 
-    Apply Rapid-Rejuvo Masque to face and neck, using fingertips, avoiding eye area. Do not steam. 
-    Leave for 10 to 15 min. max. then cleanse thoroughly to remove.
-    Do the ‘Lick Test’ 
-    May sting on very dry skins – (massage with Laser Azu-Repair,  remove after a shorter period of time on the first session)
-    Follow with appropriate RégimA serums and day creams. 
-    Stick to the detailed treatment application instructions